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What’s the youngest age requirement?

-Age 3.


My child is tender headed, Do you braid tight?

-It’s up to the child, everyone is different. But I haven’t had any parent complain about their childs hair being tight.


Do you offer wash and blow dry?

-Yes, at an additional cost.


Is hair included with your service?

-Yes it is, for raising queens and princesses only. Natural colors only (1,1B,2,4). All other colors will need to be purchased by the parent. Queens will have to provide their hair.


Do you charge a late fee?

-Yes, after a 15min grace period a late fee automatically added to your total. After 20mins your appointment is automatically canceled.


What happens if I miss my appointment?

-You will be able to book again. If there is another no show, you will be blocked from booking.


What happens to my deposit if I have to reschedule?

-Your deposit is good for one reschedule. If you have to reschedule after the second time you will have to send another deposit.


Return and Refund Policy

All deposits are NONREFUNDABLE. If you received an item and it’s damage, you will have to send a photo of the damage item and return the item to sender. Once that item is received, the new item will then be mail out to you.

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